An update on COVID-19

Updated 11:30am Monday 13 September 2021 – subject to change

Our team continues to closely follow developments in the current nationwide lockdown. As per our plans regarding the re-emergence of COVID-19 in the community, our Auckland campus remains closed and all staff and students continue to work and study from home.

With the new level 2 precautions in place for dealing with the Delta variant, we are reassessing how we open our Wellington campus. We will continue to closely monitor any updates on Government actions, and be ready to change our plans accordingly.

As always we continue to highlight the importance of scanning QR codes, having bluetooth tracing turned on, washing hands, and staying home if sick. Official updates and advice from the government can be found here.

How are we delivering Bootcamp online?

As we all know, Aotearoa is good at going into lockdown and following the rules to control the spread of COVID-19. As a software development school, we are also used to remote working and online collaboration already. All of our curriculum, content and assessments are already online. We use tools like Discord and Miro for online delivery and adapted our experience so it is fit for purpose in our rapidly changing world. Having taken direction from our community and the industry, we know that working well in a remote environment is – and will continue to be – a challenging but essential move for many.

The team is united against COVID-19 and our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by this situation. Although this is hugely disruptive for our communities, we are committed to delivering a high standard of education and outcomes for our students.

Current and Future Students

Our Auckland and Wellington cohorts will be studying remotely to ensure their safety. We do not anticipate any further major disruptions to current or future cohorts. We have the ability to set students up with the software and tools to continue Bootcamp remotely, and interviews with our admissions team take place online. 

Dev Academy Online

In July 2020, we opened our virtual doors to students across Aotearoa New Zealand for the first time ever! It has long been our dream to make our course accessible in other cities and across our regions, and we know many have been waiting for this. Our online bootcamp will have the same tried and true format with hands on coding, taught by industry professionals.

The inaugural cohort, Manaia, started June 22nd 2020. Read about one student’s experience on remote bootcamp, learn more about how it works or check out when the next online cohort starts.


UPDATE 07/09/2021: With the new level 2 precautions in place for dealing with the Delta variant, we are currently reassessing how we open our spaces. Our team will be in touch if you are a space user.
Our coworking spaces will close at levels 3 – 4. At level 2 we restrict access to coworking only (no visitors or dogs in the space). Community managers in Auckland and Wellington will make arrangements with space users, so please get in touch with your community manager if you have any questions.


Our Auckland and Wellington event spaces will remain closed during levels 2 – 4. We currently require sign in, hand-washing and appropriate physical distancing when visiting our spaces for events. We are also holding some of our usual events online — find out when you can join us virtually at our next Experience Dev Academy events.


Our teams are still working hard to deliver Bootcamp to our current cohorts, working on future planning, and above all caring for our amazing community.

We thank our extended community for the ongoing support as we work through this time together ❤️ Should you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Dev Academy Whānau