Will I like web development? Answer these 5 questions


Working in tech seems like the latest dream job. Who wouldn’t want to build the internet, or create the tools that power our everyday experiences — Netflix and Google Maps, anyone? Gone are the days of the stereotyped programmers shut away in dark rooms, managers sliding pizza under the door to keep them going. These days, it’s all about working in teams and a career that is fun, flexible, creative and rewarding. 

“But do I need to be good at math and science?”, I hear you ask. The answer is no! So, how will you know if web development is right for you? Ask yourself these 5 questions while walking through this scenario and see what you think… (HINT: there are no wrong answers!)

Do you enjoy solving problems?

You’ve just moved into a new house, and as you finish bringing in the last of your boxes, you walk into your new bedroom and close the door behind you. Phew! Suddenly, you realise you are locked in! There are four windows in the room but you are three stories up. There is someone in the apartment across the street but traffic is very noisy. You do not know if your neighbours are home and your phone is in the other room. What do you do?

Do you enjoy using your creativity to come up with solutions?

You search the room and find 1.5 meters of string in two uneven pieces, some paper, a black elastic hair-tie, two used earbuds and a pack of 900 toothpicks. What could you make with this?

Do you enjoy fine tuning your work to get the right result?

You realise you can write a note asking for help, and build a catapult out of the toothpicks to fire your note through a one-foot gap in your neighbour’s window. Every time you fire the catapult it takes 6 minutes to set your aim, and a millimetre of change in the catapult can result in a difference in your aim of 15cm. You are testing with scrap pieces of paper and time is running out. Are you frustrated and give up, or do you carry on?

Do you enjoy solving communication challenges to enable a group to work together?

You finally get the note through the neighbour’s window, and they start to read it — but you quickly realise they can’t understand. You notice that although they can’t read the note, they can see you clearly, and are intrigued. If you can convey your message to them via hand gestures and signals, you could organise them to come over and bust you out! How do you get your message across?

Do you enjoy using the skills you’ve learned to change people’s lives?

You eventually get out, with the help of the two neighbours, and reflect on your experiences. Using the enhanced fine-tuning and toothpick-based woodworking skills you’ve developed, you decide to invent a new type of door that can never lock a person inside, revolutionising the way people interact with indoor spaces. What would you like to create to make the world a better place?

If you:
✅ Answered YES to any or all of these questions, or
✅ Had fun thinking about the answers (even if you couldn’t get any solutions!)
Congrats! You’re on your way to being a web developer (or an escape artist in an alternate universe)!

Web development involves solving problems using the knowledge, the languages and the set of commands you know (that we teach you, and that you teach yourself). You can never know it all, so it’s about using what you’ve got to reach a defined goal. It’s fun, it’s tricky and it’s creative. If you can think outside the box, be resourceful and work with people, then web development is going to work for you.

Our online Open Evening is the best way to learn more about us! Get an overview of the course, meet our teachers, watch our students present their final projects, and gain a real understanding of our kaupapa and values.

Don’t just take it from us! Here’s what some of our grads have to say about web development:

“EDA was an awesome environment to strike out in a new direction in my career. Not only have I walked out with the skills of a full stack developer, I have sharpened my skills for working in a team, coaching and leading others.” – Jared T. 

“People think that in software development, you just stare at the black screen all day, just looking at code. In reality, you might be working with designers, helping create beautiful pictures and animation, and turning data into something people can understand. It’s not rocket science – of course, it can be – but you can choose where you take it.” — Anna U.

“I’ve noticed how important it is not just to produce good code, but to have great human interactions between team members, and try to be the best person I can be…It makes me feel like I’m at the front line of the future, working in tech.” — Jae H.

“Continuous learning is a big part of tech… It is an industry where you’ll always be learning new skills on the job, there’s always going to be different ways of doing things, software will break for numerous reasons, and the tech is constantly evolving.” — Libby SK

We offer our 15 week programme in Auckland and Wellington, as well as a fully online campus. The same tried and true bootcamp format, now fully available online. Learn more here.