Kirsten Marsh

Coding Bootcamp vs University

Can you really become a job-ready junior developer with a portfolio of work AND great communication skills… in just 15 weeks? Absolutely, yes. Since 2013 we have graduated over 1200 software developers, with our most recent employment success rate at 86%, and grads employed by over 350 tech companies.

Dev Academy Foundations: Starting Strong

Dev Academy Aotearoa is different from other tertiary institutions in that we aim to graduate job ready junior developers in 15 weeks. The Foundations programme is a part of this, getting all our students ready to start Bootcamp no matter what their past level of coding. Read on to find out what to expect.

Same mahi, new look

We’re excited to be sharing some changes! You’ll see them across our social media channels, on a brand new website and through our new name. Since we started almost ten years ago, we have always continued to grow and evolve. Our look is now bright, bold and fun — and celebrates the diversity of humans who come to study and work with us at Dev Academy Aotearoa. 

On a mission to serve her community

Eteroa Lafaele had a somewhat rocky start in the tech industry. After getting a degree in Computer Science, she went straight into an internship thinking that she would have all the tools needed to succeed. But as a Pasifika woman, the unconscious racism she faced in her first workplace almost put her off tech altogether.

Honouring Te Tiriti: A Year On

In January 2021, Dev Academy Aotearoa made steps to explore new ways of honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi, in ways which felt not only right, but vital. The role of general manager had only existed for 18 months at that point, but the leadership team saw an opportunity to expand the role into two important positions: one focused on Te Ao Māori, and one focused on Te Ao Pākehā.