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Your next great hire isgraduating from Dev Academy

Students who complete our programme leave with solid technical skills, but also with the interpersonal skills that enable agile collaboration, teamwork and leadership. This combination is what employers have hailed as the core value of Dev Academy developers.

Practical, cutting edge technical skills

Technology changes constantly — that’s why we teach multiple technologies and frameworks, and techniques for students to learn new programming languages quickly and effectively.

By graduation, our students have invested over a thousand hours of code time and have worked in collaborative projects using TDD and agile.

While our course focuses in on JavaScript (Node.js, React, Ember), we teach our students how to think like a software developer, meaning that students go on to pick up other languages very quickly.

Teamwork and communication skills

Our program is a highly collaborative learning experience where students build the teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills that are essential to successful, high performing teams. Students hone these qualities through daily pair programming, regular group projects, and weekly Selfware classes.

Diverse perspectives

Diverse teams representing a broad range of backgrounds tend to be significantly more successful than non-diverse teams. Our graduates are equipped with the skills and resources to improve dynamics on engineering teams, as well as improve your user or customer experience.

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