Lead Web Development Teacher - Auckland

  • $90,000 – $115,000 per annum, based on experience.
  • Location is our Auckland/Tāmaki Makaurau campus.
  • Ideally 40 hours per week.

Dev Academy is on the lookout for teachers! All our teachers (no formal teaching qualifications required!) are professional software developers, who love programming and want to share their passion and skill with others. We are developing NZ’s next generation of technical talent and we believe that learning how to work effectively with other people is just as important as the craft of software construction.

This role is ideally full time (40 hours Mon-Fri). We’re a family-friendly workplace, with wellbeing leave, 25 days holiday leave, and a focus on wellbeing for our staff through yoga, fresh fruit, stand-up desks and occasional residential away/team building days (any staff member must be able to attend our away days, with children in tow where needed). We welcome applications from people with non-traditional experience (volunteering or informal settings) and from minority backgrounds and genders. Dev Academy has a strong commitment to Te Tiriti O Waitangi and is working out how to honour and integrate its principles.

Dev Academy is New Zealand’s first developer bootcamp that trains exceptional beginners, most often career changers, on the fundamentals of web development and software engineering. We take pride in graduating students who are quick learners and matched to the current industry requirements. Dev Academy exists to support and develop parity and diversity in the tech sector, so that the technology which gets built is developed by humans as diverse as our society. Our core values for students, teaching and organisational staff alike are centered around integrity, kindness and effort.

Being a lead teacher at Dev Academy is more like being a trekking guide rather than a follow-the-textbook style lecturer. Teachers lead discussions, guide inquiry, oversee pair programming with students, emphasise key areas, support students in their projects and challenges, and provide feedback to students and each other. Teachers lead by example, demonstrating their passion for learning and their commitment to programming as a craft.

What we need is:

  • Minimum 3 years experience with web development.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript/EcmaScript 6, Node.js/npm, React and Redux.
  • Someone who understands teaching and what it means to support a student’s learning journey (however no need to have formal teaching experience).
  • Getting stuck in with our other leads to update curriculum and assessment criteria.
  • Someone who is comfortable presenting new content to students and fielding their questions at least a few times a week.
  • Someone who is comfortable with training and mentoring Bootcamp and Foundations Facilitators in regards to assessment, culture and approach to teaching, daily rhythms etc.

You might fit the bill if:

  • You love programming and technology.
  • You are passionate about increasing diversity in the tech sector and can hold a space that is welcoming for people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • You can explain complex ideas in simple ways and often have non-technical folks knocking on your door.
  • You spend your time thinking about better ways to teach/tutor/mentor junior programmers.
  • You have an equal love for computers, humans, and the space between them.
  • You want to share the joy of getting paid to do what you love with others.
  • You believe that educating the whole person is a necessity, not a luxury.
  • You value the role that empathy plays in a team.
  • You are interested in the ways in which people engage and absorb information.
  • You’re looking for an opportunity to share what you’ve learned in the industry with those entering the industry.
  • You like fast-moving environments where experimentation is encouraged.
  • You take your work seriously, and yourself not so seriously.
  • You have experience with all areas of web development and consider yourself a life-long learner.

If you’re on the fence, please apply—even if you don’t tick all the boxes. 

We offer:

  • An opportunity to master your craft – it takes a deep understanding to teach effectively and, combined with a community of programmers who really push themselves, you will be in an amazing environment to grow your own skills.
  • An opportunity to give back to the tech community and help grow a new generation of developers.
  • One of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences of your career.
  • We don’t just move some 1s and 0s around, we walk alongside outstanding students through an extremely challenging experience and leave an impression they will remember for the rest of their lives.
  • The opportunity to engage and participate in a culture of empathy and integrity.
  • A supportive and communicative environment that values transparency and authenticity.

We think teaching is challenging, meaningful, and exceptionally fun. If you're up to the task, come join us. Please email your CV to and let us know the following:

  1. Why do you love programming?
  2. How do you understand the role of a teacher?
  3. Why do you want to work at DAA? What is it about this job and organisation that speaks to you

Primarily we are looking for a safe pair of hands, a quick mind, a kind smile and a genuine passion for helping people reach their potential. Our students make big sacrifices to come on this course – they quit jobs, borrow money, move cities, rearrange studies and put in a superhuman amount of effort. We are dealing with precious cargo here and absolutely everything comes down to helping our students succeed.