It’s official: Dev Academy celebrates student loans!

In a week that’s seen New Zealand universities fall from the world top 200 rankings, Enspiral Dev Academy’s web development programme has been recognised for its excellence, and granted Student Loan eligibility for its unique approach to tertiary education.

Enspiral Dev Academy has been in discussion with NZQA and the Tertiary Education Commission for a long time about making accreditation suit its highly successful courses, rather than changing its courses to fit accreditation. NZQA and TEC have recognised the efficacy and innovation of Dev Academy’s hands-on approach to rapid web development training, and enabled Dev Academy to continue its high rate of quality. This means that those who are granted admission to the course will now be able to get student loans to complete Dev Academy’s programme, and graduate with 72 credits to go towards an NZQA-recognised qualification.

Dev Academy is New Zealand’s premiere web development course, where students learn by doing in small classes from professional developers. It is comprised of a 5–15 week preparation module, and a 9 week intensive in-class bootcamp. Students can begin with little to no experience and leave with all the fundamentals of software development needed to be employed as junior developers. The course focuses on skills that the industry is actually looking for, such as collaboration and teamwork, and produces well rounded full stack developers who go on to be top employees. 86% of people who graduated Dev Academy over 4 months ago have work in web development.

The course is designed to rapidly upskill bright people who are underutilised in their current careers. The curriculum focuses on practical learning rather than tests and theory, so it can be completed in an incredibly intensive 15–25 weeks.

Since its inception Dev Academy has been challenging the institutional dominance of traditional universities. Co-founder Rohan Wakefield argues, “People are paying enormous amounts to go into long-term degrees that don’t get them work. Dev Academy provides creative, human-focused learning that produces exceptional employees. The education the world needs right now and into the future is one that allows people to change careers rapidly and hit the ground running in a new job.”

“Dev Academy’s curriculum is innovative, flexible and agile, constantly responding to industry needs and designed so that people need to take the minimum amount of time out of employment to complete the course. It’s a space that supports the whole learner, so people from all walks of life feel comfortable and included here. We’re thrilled that NZQA have recognised that Dev Academy is leading the way in innovating education for the future.”

Dev Academy tends to attract highly motivated workers who see the need to step up their skill base in order to enter the jobs that enable them to live flexible, self-determined lifestyles. Students often want to make an impact on the world and utilise their full set of skills. Dev Academy’s Human Skills curriculum teaches leadership and communication, so graduates are able to accelerate in tech careers once they enter the industry, or launch their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Dev Academy’s socially conscious kaupapa attracts people that want to make a positive difference in the world, so the cohorts are filled with diverse, inspired students. The programme is for people of all ages for all walks of life, but demands 60–85 hours a week in study for the 9 week intensive bootcamp. Those with the commitment to dig in and throw themselves into the course leave with skills that they never thought they could learn before.

Wakefield notes, “One of the missions of Dev Academy is to transform the education system, and we’re pleased that this recognition is a step along the path to better, future-ready learning for all New Zealanders. After many years of producing excellent work backed by the industry, we’re thrilled to now have the support of NZQA and TEC behind us.”

If you’d like to apply to join Dev Academy, you can now get a student loan to complete the course. Places are limited - apply now: