Keen to support diversity in technology? We’re recruiting a software teacher

We’re on the lookout for a software teacher for our Auckland campus, starting as soon as possible. Let us start off by saying that we don’t require any formal experience or qualifications in teaching. 

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The person we’re looking for will know their Node.js from their Express, React and Redux. But they’ll also have a passion for teaching, productive learning environments and creating a positive impact on the world.

Our 18-week Bootcamp programme prepares people for life as a junior developer. But whilst the tech side is important, we also focus on the human skills that people required to work well in a team—think pair programming, giving and receiving feedback and other inter- and personal skills. This is not only reflected in the curriculum with our Human Skills programme, but in the way we work with each other as a team. We value feedback, teamwork and a supportive work environment.

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Some of the reasons you may want to work with us:

We take a whole-person approach

We take a diverse cohort of students and grow them as individuals, without standardising and conforming them into a generic professional mould. Students who have studied with us often claim this was one of the most “life changing” events they had experienced.

We’re heavily project- and outcome- focused

This gives students exposure to the realities of a commercial environment and enables them to practice the skills needed to get projects across the line for clients.

We work in a team environment

Just like the real world, students work in teams using the methodologies and industry standards that companies use. We teach agile project management, test driven development and have an emphasis on code quality. Alongside technical skills, communication and teamwork are often the most important factors in delivering a high quality job on time in the commercial world. On the staff side, we’re pretty big on team too: regular away days, staff meetings, and community lunches are just some of the ways we build our team and community.

We value diversity

Having diverse perspectives and backgrounds on a team leads to better outcomes and solutions. Our diversity policy means we actively pursue diversity, often reducing the barriers for women, Māori and other groups underrepresented in the technology sector to be part of a cohort. We are guided by the principle that equity means more than treating people in the same way; it requires special measures and the accommodation of differences. We advocate for learning and development opportunities to raise awareness and build understanding of equity and diversity in practice. We currently have scholarships available to encourage more Māori into tech, and are working on a bunch more.

Need more reasons? Have a look here. Ready to apply? Head over here for the job description.

Piet Geursen, one of our grad-come-teachers puts it this way: Good Programmers Know More About Feelings Than Computers. Read more here about his take on what it means to be a good programmer.

The three pillars on which we base our work are integrity, kindness and effort. Our grad Anna Ulyanova puts it this way:

To have a place that makes your career dreams come true may sound unrealistic, but there are quite a few absolutely down-to-earth principles that the bootcamp is based on, which help students reach their goals.

These are Integrity, Kindness and Effort, or ‘IKE’. Everything is done with IKE at Dev Academy, and students are expected to reflect the same values. This means that we can work extremely hard because we are in a supportive environment. (Full blog post here)

We also offer a supportive work environment, a dedicated team, a social kaupapa, and a come-as-you-are approach.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, genetic information, marital status, ethical belief, ethnic or national origins, disability, political opinion, employment status, and/or family status.

We encourage applications from all backgrounds and walks of life. You can find the job description here.


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