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Engaging Māori in the Digital Economy as technologists, entrepreneurs, innovators, owners and investors.

The digital economy represents jobs and industries of the future, but Māori have very low participation in the digital economy.

In conjunction with Te Puni Kōkiri and MBIE, Dev Academy is proud to announce 42 scholarships for Māori students. We welcome you to apply and take your first steps towards your future career.

“We want to help train and support upcoming Māori tech and business leaders. Te Uru Rangi scholarships create a huge opportunity for more Māori to step into a thriving tech industry, and enter jobs that have high earning potential and value creativity, diversity and collaborative problem solving”

What is it and how to apply?

Dev Academy are offering 42 scholarships of $7000 each to successful Māori applicants.

Apply for this scholarship now using the form below. Its quick and easy.

  • $7,000 off course fees
  • $3,500 payable by successful applicant upon acceptance onto the programme
  • Funded through Te Puni Kōkiri
  • Does not include living costs

Te Uru Rangi is a scholarship programme designed to help Māori into high valued jobs and to support the development of Māori language and culture within technology. Recipients of the scholarship complete an online preparation course (from anywhere in the country) before participating in the full immersion web development bootcamp for 9 weeks in either Auckland or Wellington.

The fund is part of the a Hao Māori Digital Technology Fund, managed by Te Puni Kōkiri and MBIE. There are 42 scholarships in total, each one $7,000.

The Te Uru Rangi pilot was launched in 2015. Click here for information on our 2015 programme or download the 2015 Te Uru Rangi prospectus here

Māori in Aotearoa

Any Māori who are passionate about getting into web development and who can demonstrate the tenacity to succeed.

We’re looking for Aotearoa’s next brood of technologists who have the aptitude to succeed in a technological career.

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to pursuing web development as a career and should be willing to work in the main city centers for at least year after graduation. After this time, we hope that some will return to their rohe with skills sharp enough to start their own technology initiatives and or go to to develop technology that contributes back to Māori.

Application criteria 

  • Meets the standard entry criteria for the Dev Academy programme
  • Is aged over 18
  • Can demonstrate technical tenacity and high ability to succeed
  • Is committed to pursuing a web development career
  • Is able to attend bootcamp in Auckland or Wellington
  • Can meet the financial requirements
    • able to pay $3500 of course fees
    • able to support oneself during the duration of the course

In addition to the above criteria, we will be assessing applicants based on the following:

  • Likelihood to graduate and get a role as a web developer
  • Whether or not you are already in a non-digital path (the course of this fund is to get more māori into a digital career path)
  • Your likelihood to contribute your skills back to māori

Te Uru Rangi scholarships are designed to enable Maori career changers, university graduates and school leavers to complete Dev Academy’s 18 week web development programme and find work in the tech world. 

Check out some of our success stories from other students here

$7,000 scholarship from Te Uru Rangi fund

$3,500 payable (not included in scholarship)

  • $7,000 discount from course fee’s
  • $3,500 payable by successful applicant upon acceptance onto the programme (broken into two payments)

Each successful applicant will be required to pay $3,500 towards the course costs. Unfortunately students will not be able to receive financial support through Studylink (i.e. a student loan or allowance). Previous applicants have been able to get further assistance through their Iwi, and we can assist through writing a letter of support.

You will need to be able to provide the $2,000 upon before beginning the of the preparation, and $1,500 before beginning bootcamp.

Multiple intakes in 2017 and 2018

Intakes begin every month and take approximately. Prep takes approximately 3 - 6 months to complete and bootcamp 9 weeks.

  • Join a preparation intake on the first day of the month
  • Complete the prep course in your own time (1 – 6 months depending on ability), then join a bootcamp (dates here)
  • Immerse yourself in bootcamp for 9 weeks.

The Dev Academy web development programme kicks off with a preparation programme (phase zero) that gets you ready for bootcamp. Phase zero can be done in your own time, from anywhere and takes on average 9-12 weeks to complete. You can join phase zero on the first Monday of each month.

Upon completion of phase zero, you’ll join a bootcamp in either Wellington or Auckland.

The bootcamp dates can be found here

A drive to succeed

and a passion for being Māori

In addition to drive and passion, applicants will need:

  • An internet connection and computer during phase zero
  • The ability to attend the bootcamp programme in Auckland or Wellington
  • The ability to prioritise and commit 60-80 hours of study each week during bootcamp
  • The ability to contribute financially ($3,500 course fee and living expenses while on the bootcamp)

You should expect to be challenged, and work harder than they ever have before. Dev Academy’s web development programme is intensive and involves 9 weeks of full immersion, full time learning 50 – 80 hours a week. These nine weeks leave no time for other activities or extra employment, and cut significantly into whānau time. Be prepared for learning an extreme amount in a short space of time, and coming out the other side with an incredibly rewarding and beneficial skillset.

Build projects in a replica of a real world environment. Mentorship, code and career development.

Dev Academy feels much more like a supportive innovation hub than a typical school.

Course information can be found on the course details page.
We recommend reading the course details thoroughly before applying.

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