What is Foundations?

Announcing a new offering from Dev Academy: Foundations, a fast-paced, full time or part time remote introduction to web development.

One of Dev Academy’s strengths is our ability to adapt and change according to industry needs and what’s best for our students. Today, we’ve listened to the observations of hundreds of students on our course, we’ve received feedback from the industry and we’ve talked to potential learners. We’ve embraced our process of continual improvement, and are excited to launch the new version:

Dev Academy Foundations

The key ways it’s different:

  • Foundations has a new 5 week full time option

There are now three options for completing Foundations: 15 weeks part time, 10 weeks part time, or 5 weeks full time.

Just like in Phase Zero, students can complete the work remotely part time over 10 or 15 weeks. This enables people to study around their work timetable, and keep earning. You’ll have a weekly video-chat check in with the other cohort members, and a chatroom where students can always collaborate.

However, we have found from feedback that some students struggle to stay motivated when they are at home alone without people to support them. For students with children and other responsibilities, finding time for the remote learning around your daily lives can be a real challenge.

Foundations solves this. As well as the remote options, Foundations offers a 5 week full time option.

You can do Foundations from anywhere and you can come into campus as much as you like. We expect that many students will come in, but it wont put you at a disadvantage if you can’t, or don’t come in. Especially if you live out of town.

Coming in to campus will mean you’ll have the option of being part of the community, attending lunches, meeting startups and coming to yoga. But where ever you learn, you’ll be able to call on the assistance of a Facilitator when you get stuck with your learning. This means you won’t feel lost, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

For this reason, we’re changing the language around our programme. Instead of a course that you could complete in 18 weeks in the past, you can now get there in 15 weeks. 5 weeks of Foundations + a one week break + 9 weeks of bootcamp and then the optional Careers Week at the end.

  • Foundations earns you credits

We’ve worked with NZQA to build the new Foundations programme. This means you receive Unit Standards for your Foundations assessments. So before you even start Bootcamp you will have some credits under your belt. You’ll be contributing to your official NZQA record, and you’ll be able to hit the ground running into the course, feeling fully supported and engaged.

  • Foundations is a step up

At Dev Academy we love learning, and teaching you how to use all the tools of the industry that you’ll be expected to be familiar with when you enter the job.

We’ve brought more of Bootcamp into Foundations. The curriculum has been flipped 180 degrees to centre around you, with a focus on developing your thinking and problem solving skills. You’ll still be supported through the curriculum, and have the opportunity to build your confidence in code, but you’ll be able to take it at more of a run than a walk. This means you’ll enter bootcamp fired up and ready to go.

Foundations will cover the basics of HTML and CSS, using Github and Slack, building a static website, time management, reflective learning, introductory empathy and teamwork, and an intro to JavaScript.

It’s going to be awesome!

So the TL;DR:

  • Phase Zero is replaced by Foundations
  • Complete in 5 weeks full time, 10 weeks part time or 15 weeks part time
  • The total Dev Academy programme can therefore be completed in 15 weeks
  • You’ll be able to get credits to go on your NZQA record

Check out the upcoming Foundations dates here, and apply now for the next intake. You could be graduating with the skills to become a Junior Web Developer and build yourself a more exciting future in just 15 weeks!! Nau mai, haere mai – We can’t wait to see you on campus in either Auckland or Wellington.