What’s special about Enspiral Dev Academy?

People often ask us — What is it that makes Dev Academy different? Our vibrant graduates know how to work together and learn rapidly, and they go into jobs they love. We look at some of the reasons below.

Enspiral Dev Academy is an 15 week intensive, full immersion bootcamp where students learn the tools they need to become junior web developers. Unlike other programmes, Dev Academy is industry-led, and based on learning by doing.

Students learn a wide set of skills to prepare them for a commercial software development role. Dev Academy is known for its ability to develop the whole person, focusing on both hard skills such as technical coding, logic and algorithms, and soft skills such as teamwork, motivation, negotiation, empathy, communication and leadership.

There are many reason for this holistic approach to learning. Firstly, these are the skills that technology employers tell us they are looking for — a team player, with good judgement that they can trust to take the organisation into the unknown future. Secondly, it enables Dev Academy to seek top quality candidates who value people, wellbeing and collaboration in their work. And thirdly, students have a better experience in education when their whole selves are being supported.

Dev Academy’s bootcamp brings a unique set of qualities together:

  1. Curriculum: Built in collaboration with industry and iterating monthly to enable us to follow industry trends and industry needs.
  2. Learning by doing: All the skills taught are immediately put into practice so graduates can hit the ground running in a commercial environment. Students learn full stack JavaScript so they can work in both the back end and front end of web development, and understand the principles to go forth and learn any language.
  3. Teachers are practising coders: Dev Academy’s teachers are not academics. They have worked in the digital technology industry and have a passion for education and teaching. All our teachers can therefore share insights on what it’s like to actually work in the development world.
  4. Immersive practical curriculum: Most courses focus on grades and wrote learning. Dev Academy focuses on experience and designing the classroom to reflect the ‘real’ world of the working environment. As a result, students learn quicker and have hundreds more hours of practical application than the average university student.
  5. Heavily project focused: This gives students exposure to the realities of a commercial environment and enables them to practice the skills needed to get projects across the line for clients.
  6. Team environment: Just like the real world, students work in teams using the methodologies and industry standards that companies use. We focus on pairing and agile project management — two things that the industry finds hardest to train but values highly. Alongside technical skills, communication and teamwork are often the most important factors in delivering a high quality job on time in the commercial world.
  7. Diversity: Having diverse perspectives and backgrounds on a team leads to better outcomes and solutions. Our diversity policy means we actively pursue diversity, often reducing the barriers for women, Māori and other groups underrepresented in the technology sector to be part of a cohort. We:
    are guided by the principle that equity means more than treating people in the same way; it requires special measures and the accommodation of differences.
    advocate for learning and development opportunities to raise awareness and build understanding of equity and diversity in practice.
  8. Whole-person approach and competency based assessment: We take a diverse cohort of students and grow them as individuals, without standardising and conforming them into a generic professional mould. Students who have studied with us often claim this was one of the most “life changing” events they had experienced.
  9. Portfolio generation: The project-based nature of learning means all graduates leave with an impressive and extensive portfolio of real work to show employers.
  10. Outcome is employment: The outcome or goal for graduates is not to pass exams or get a qualification but to get work. That’s why 86% of students who graduated over 4 months ago have work in web development.

These factors all make Dev Academy different from other coding and development courses. Check out our website for more information on the programme, and Apply today to see why Dev Academy is right for you.