Navigating the World with Code

Mikhail longed for a challenging new adventure; now he works remotely as a software developer for a company in Sydney while living in Dublin.

February 16, 2024 | Updates

Initially discovering Dev Academy online, Mikhail was intrigued by the potential for a career makeover. Wanting a fresh start, especially after the lockdowns, he sought skills that would make him more versatile while exploring the world. 

"I felt like I had reached a ceiling. I wasn't being paid as much as I wanted to, and I wasn't learning anything new anymore."

Navigating the learning curve with minimal coding experience was no walk in the park, and Mikhail appreciated the facilitators' support during weekly check-ins. In a particularly challenging week, he found their guidance invaluable as their support addressed both coding and emotional struggles. 

What Mikhail enjoyed most about the course was the inclusive pair programming approach, which matched him with random partners every session. Brainstorming with this diverse cast of characters gave him a breadth of perspectives. The flexible dynamics, where they would switch between teaching and learning roles, made for a rich learning experience. He's still close with many of his cohort-mates, catching up regularly.

"Dev Academy attracts people who already have careers in different things from different backgrounds, most of whom had also done minimal coding, which was awesome."

In the final weeks, the facilitators switched from teaching to preparation mode. Mimicking natural work environments, Mikhail took on the responsibilities of a junior developer - receiving tasks, completing them, and submitting for feedback to mimic the industry's workflow. This structure prepares students for real-world scenarios, instilling a solid understanding of proper teamwork and project management practices.

"The programming mindset requires you to get used to knowing how to fail all the time. And that's not a negative thing. It's just really key indicators of where your learning is."

Now working remotely as a coder for a Sydney firm while living in Dublin, Mikhail is living his dream of travel and coding. He sees the course as the best way to get outside your comfort zone, personally and technically. Armed with problem-solving skills to tackle any programming language, he looks forward to a future of unlimited job growth, opportunities, and global collaboration.

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