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Learn to code in the most immersive online learning experience and community in Aotearoa. Study at home and graduate as a work-ready programmer in just 17 weeks.

The same hands-on, intensive learning with industry professionals, without the commute. Tech skills and the ability to work remotely are in-demand, and the tech industry will only continue to grow.

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Online is for you if you want the skills to work remotely as more jobs offer remote options, to have freedom and flexibility in your work. Or maybe it just isn’t feasible to move cities right now!

Our in-person bootcamp is ideal if you want the classic experience of being on campus, you know that you need a focussed learning environment outside of your home, or you know you aren’t a distance learner.

Some people choose to study online to prepare for remote work in a post-COVID world. It really depends on your needs.

Some things in the Online campus will be just like our in-person bootcamp — or as close as possible! 

This is not your average online course! You’ll be ‘on campus’ online from 8:45am — 6pm.  Every day begins and ends with a Zoom check in and mindfulness practice. Be prepared to be interacting with your teachers and other students every day, in live pair programming and group projects.

Our Online campus has the same student to teacher ratio and teacher contact time (over 30 hours a week). During contact time, live support will be only a click away with our teachers on Discord to help with questions and code issues.

Students are also offered comprehensive wellbeing support. Alongside the tools you'll gain in the weekly Human Skills deep dives, all students can have regular, one on one check ins with their Human Skills facilitators.

These check ins are a chance to talk through any mindset challenges you might be having, talk through interpersonal issues, and get some compassionate support.

Making sure that each online cohort develops a sense of community, trust, and cohesion is very important to us. From orientation day to graduation, we build relationships within the cohort and with the facilitators every day throughout bootcamp.

One of our facilitators shares that they see “the most connection in the online campus when folks are able to relax into this funny little online space and be themselves. Once that comfort settles in, humour and ease with each other is so much more prominent”.

A modern computer (made within the last few years) in good condition, with a minimum of 8G ram (16G is better), a solid state drive, webcam, and microphone. Ideally your machine will be running macOS or Linux. Windows 10 is the only Windows OS we can work with. You will need headphones with a mic if you’re in a noisy place! If you’re not sure whether your machine will meet our standards, have a look at getting a refurbished machine here, or get in touch with us to have a chat.

There is no special software required for the course. We use Visual Studio as our text editor and most people use Google Chrome as their browser.

You can study from a co-working space, or from home, so long as you can be available for voice connection at all times.

Part of the challenge of working from home is making sure you have a good, comfortable, effective workplace set up.

You’ll need a strong, stable internet connection. We also strongly recommend using two screens where possible - not just working on a laptop with a track pad - and a quiet, well lit, comfortable space so your workflow can be uninterrupted. 

We encourage our students to consider things like if their chair is comfy enough, and whether they need to buy or borrow a second screen or external keyboard. Maybe it’s also time for an updated glasses prescription or to finally treat yourself to those fancy noise-cancelling headphones that have been on your wishlist for a while.

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Our graduates on the Online experience

“I wanted a job where I could work while travelling. I looked up the best ways to make money remotely, and web development was always the top of the list.

I looked at doing the on campus bootcamp...but it didn’t make sense for me to move to Auckland when I could do it at home."

— Tia

"Discord was such a great way to do the bootcamp remotely, we had all of our different channels where we could talk about different things.

Our Human Skills deep dives were still interactive, we could easily jump into our own groups. I had a good connection with my cohort.”

— Ellora

“I enjoy being a flexible worker, and want the freedom to work from wherever I need to be - home, out, wherever. So in that respect, it really works for me”. 

— Anonymous