Studying at Dev Academy Aotearoa as a parent

April 14, 2023 | Student Life

While the joy and fulfillment of parenthood are undeniable, it can also present new challenges, especially for parents looking to upskill and pursue a new career. Thanks to online learning and flexible course structures, it’s now possible for parents to continue their education and achieve their goals without sacrificing family time. 

Taking on study at any stage of life can be a both rewarding and challenging life experience, and students at all stages in their lives study with us here at Dev Academy Aotearoa. 

We offer a unique learning experience for parents with the option of an online or onsite coding bootcamp that offers two different course structures to suit different schedules and learning preferences. 

  • The full-time bootcamp runs for 17 weeks and requires a commitment of up to 60 hours per week, 
  • The part-time course is spread out over 35 weeks (including school holidays), with a requirement of up to 30 hours per week. 

Both courses are designed to help students gain the technical skills and practical experience they need to land a job in the tech industry as a web developer. 

We spoke to two parents, Krissy and Deepti, who had studied with us to discover more about their personal experience on the course. 

Flexible study options allow you to choose the one that suits you

What drove you to start studying post having your family?

For Deepti, the course was a chance to catch up on the latest technologies and become job-ready after a long gap between her last IT work and now. 

Krissy had been a stay-at-home parent for a few years and was looking for a career change but also a life change. Dev Academy gave her the confidence that she could  learn anything new in the future. 

How did Dev Academy support you with your day to day juggling of family commitments?

Both Deepti & Krissy highlighted the consistent support they received from the team and made special mention that they appreciated the small teacher to student ratio.

“There was a moment in the middle of the course where, due to a family bereavement, my husband had to travel overseas and I had to look after my kids on my own, along with completing my course. The team at Dev Academy were very supportive and assisted me as much as they could. I still remember, Sarah used to record the session and upload it as soon as possible for me to watch when I would be back after dropping my kids to school.” — Deepti

“I felt supported every minute of my way through the course. With the small teacher to student ratio there was always a facilitator around who could help guide you through a code error or project plan. There is a genuine feeling that the team really wants you to succeed. You also meet individually with both a human skills and technical facilitator throughout the course which gives someone like me time to ask questions that I may not have felt comfortable asking in a group setting.” — Krissy

What benefits did you get from studying with Dev Academy?

Learning to code not only taught Deepti & Krissy technical skills but also helped them gain confidence for the future. As Krissy puts it,  “I felt confident to move into a new career in tech and be able to keep up with the life-long learning that accompanies such a career.”

Krissy from Tohorā 2022 studied with us surrounded by plants and artwork from her son

What would you say to other parents thinking of learning to code?

“The part-time course will allow you to learn when children are at school or in care and be present with them when they are home. This will be ideal for parents wanting to up-skill without needing to pay for expensive school holiday programmes and after school care." — Krissy

“If you show your commitment then the team at Dev Academy will try their best to assist you in whichever way they can for you to learn coding and achieve your dream job. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to make a career in IT.” — Deepti 

Interested in studying as a parent?

Studying while being a parent can be challenging, but the support, flexibility, and community at Dev Academy make it a rewarding experience. 

Here at Dev Academy, we genuinely care about our students’ success and will do everything in our power to help them achieve their goals. If you’re a parent thinking of learning to code, Dev Academy could be the right place for you.

Launch your tech career! 

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