Studying Part-Time as a Learner, Teacher & Parent

November 7, 2023 | Graduate Profile, Part-Time, Student Life

Laura's role of homeschooling five children meant our full-time programme wasn't for her. With the introduction of the part-time programme, Laura wears the hats of both student and teacher, offering her kids a new perspective on learning.

Laura, a mother and homeschool teacher of five children, enrolled in Dev Academy's part-time programme to learn new skills and bring her experience in psychology and neurodiversity to the tech industry. She’s since been impressed by the programme's unique blend of human skills, technology sessions, and receptiveness to musical theatre performances by her children.

Laura was initially concerned about feeling overwhelmed or experiencing imposter syndrome, but instead, her experience unfolded quite differently. She found joy in problem-solving, relished the challenges coding posed, and derived genuine satisfaction from debugging and overcoming errors. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, each error became a puzzle piece, leading to another until the solution came together.

Of course, balancing her role as a mother and teacher with the demands of studying can be challenging. However, Laura found the support and guidance of Dev Academy's tutors and facilitators exceptional.

"The tutors want everyone to win and for us to succeed. They're good at encouraging asking questions, seeking help, and celebrating challenges rather than seeing them as failures".

One of the things that Laura appreciates most about Dev Academy's part-time programme is its flexibility. She can study whenever and wherever it's convenient, whether during a movie trip, in the evenings, or by the pool. When she needed to take three weeks off for her children's theatre activities, Laura could catch up on her coursework during the holidays. Laura also cherishes her cohort's camaraderie as they often share experiences and assist each other in navigating the challenges of balancing family life and coding.

"I would encourage everyone to do the programme, even if there's just a hint that it could be cool."

Laura helped shape the part-time programme, realising the need for a flexible and collaborative environment for busy parents. Laura's unique perspective and experience have introduced fresh ideas and perspectives, reinforcing the significance of teamwork and personal growth throughout the programme.

Laura's distinctive perspective diverges from the conventional hurdles related to coding languages and troubleshooting. Her background in psychology drives her passion for using technology to affect meaningful change. She aspires to bring a holistic transformation rather than pivoting to a specific career, with the intent of making a substantial impact. Although the exact path may be uncertain, she firmly believes in the importance of diversity in all workplaces. She is confident that her experiences, including homeschooling and an understanding of neurodiversity, can introduce a fresh outlook to the tech industry.

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