Why University didn’t cut it for Kadin Why University didn't cut it for Kadin

February 16, 2024 | Graduate Profile

When Kadin picked up a programming paper during his business degree, he was not expecting software development to be a more creative and intellectually stimulating challenge than the majors he was studying. What started as a hobby soon had him questioning whether this “software development thing" was more his speed.

Kadin looked at the best options for coding boot camps, and Dev Academy stood out for being hands-on, and the community feel. The remote full-time coding boot camp challenged Kadin more than the theory-heavy degree he was pursuing, and it transformed his skills and real-world experience. 

“Throughout the three years of my bachelor's, I felt like I remained the same person, whereas the three months at Dev Academy transformed me.”

As a self-taught hobbyist, Kadin discovered learning can be strategic yet flexible in the right environment. When he suggested diving right into TypeScript instead of starting with JavaScript, his facilitator took the time to explain the method behind the curriculum design. Beginning with JavaScript cements the core programming concepts and language fundamentals that any framework will build upon. This intentional sequencing and scaffolding may seem basic initially, but it sets students up with the roots to grow as lifelong learners to keep up with the fast-moving pace of software development. 

"Dev Academy taught me to learn continuously, constantly digest new content and new theories, and apply them quickly. I think that's an  important life skill."

The remote format kept Kadin ultra-engaged throughout the intensive coding bootcamp. While past online learning left him disengaged or struggling solo, Dev Academy's stellar digital support system was a game changer. In moments of debugging agony or concept confusion, Kadin found mentors immediately available to diagnose his code or thought process. 

"The facilitators were very hands-on with support and content; they would also help you build up human skills in a way where they communicate, know what is happening with you, and how that may affect your learning, and prepare you to learn."

Amid the unspoken pressure people in their early twenties feel to pursue a university education, Kadin advocates exploring alternative paths like Dev Academy. He scored a Microsoft certification in just five days and credits the coding boot camp for kick-starting his career in a way no textbook could. For Kadin, Dev Academy led to brighter destinations than he ever imagined.

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