Graduate in just 17 weeks

Our 17 week bootcamp is longer than some courses and much shorter than others (like a university degree). We ask you to put in the hours, between 40-60 hours per week.  But you'll be fully focused on the skills that employers are looking for which means you'll graduate in a fraction of the time it takes to do a degree.

Employers love our graduates




The most common feedback we get from employers is that our graduates are more ready to work, faster at learning and growing, and work better with those around them. This makes our people super employable. 

84%* of our students are working in the tech industry within 18 months of graduating.

Grads can earn $60-$85k and salaries grow fast. Within a few years you could be an intermediate developer earning $70-100k, or much more if you lead people.

*Based on our graduation data up the the end of our financial year, as of March 2023             

We ask you to put more in so you get more out

If I could do the course at Dev Academy all over again, I would. It was an amazing learning experience and
completely changed my career.”
Courtney, Bootcamp Graduate


Our course is $11,790. That’s more expensive than some courses, while being much cheaper than others (like a university degree). The difference between us and cheaper courses is that you are much more supported by teachers, and you cover much more material over the higher number of hours. Specifically, with us you get:

  • More contact time with your teacher
  • More teachers to work with
  • A dedicated Human Skills facilitator who will be doing 1-on-1 check-ins with you
  • A Career Skills module that prepares you finding the job you want
  • Personal Coaching and support on your job hunt with our dedicated Recruiter.

And don’t forget, our fees can be covered with Student Loans, or Fees Free, and Student Allowances. We have an expert team that can help you understand your eligibility, and help you with the various applications and paperwork (book a call here).

Grow Human Skills with your Tech Skills

“The human skills and the technical content is scaffolded and you’re always building on knowledge. You’re not thrown in the deep end, and you chalk up successes along the way.”
Libby, Bootcamp Graduate

Totally unique to Dev Academy is our Human Skills programme.

By guiding our students through weekly interactive conversations about trust, wellbeing, bias, and a host of other topics, we increase the psychological safety of our students, as well as equipping them with the skills to work in a team effectively. This is a truly transformative experience.

A safe and supportive environment for all

"Having that weekly hui, I think was really good because we did form a really nice little group of friends."
Hope, Bootcamp Graduate

"I'd heard great things from people who'd done the course, that it was a unique experience, a really great culture."
Zoe, Bootcamp Graduate

We care deeply about making our course accessible and fun to people regardless of their needs and contexts, and a lot of our students are here to change their career so we're a diverse bunch.

We graduate twice the proportion of women compared to a computer science degree, and 2.5x the proportion of Māori. We have a ropū for Māori and Pasifika students, as well as a Kaiārahi Māori.


Applications for our January intake close on 21 December so apply now.

Check out our course dates or book a call with our friendly team, or who will be happy to answer your questions about the course, how to get financial support, or anything at all.