In 2013 We Started With A Vision
For Education In Aotearoa

"Aotearoa New Zealand needs a new way of learning that enhances our strong and fast-growing tech sector, while fostering resilience and kindness in our society."

At Dev Academy Aotearoa we provide an environment of rapid learning and professional development for people looking to get into tech, upskill, or make a career change.

We believe technology can become Aotearoa's biggest export, and that our regions can become thriving centres of tech innovation. Our mission is to empower people in Aotearoa to flourish, and to transform the tech industry through our values of integrity, kindness, and effort.

Hurihia tō aroaro ki te rā, tukuna tō ātārangi kia taka ki muri i a koe - Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

Kindness, Integrity and Effort.

We strive to weave our values of kindness, integrity, and effort into our everyday practice. These values are something that students experience as a special and powerful part of studying with us.


(Kindness, Love)

Aroha is key to our mahi together, and in our personal lives.

Kindness comes first. All our actions and decisions have kindness as the first consideration, especially when it comes to our staff and students. Kindness informs how we ask questions like: what support is needed, and how can we help? Kindness is the most important factor in connection between humans, and is key in resolving interpersonal struggles.



Pono speaks to the connections between our hearts, actions, and words.

Integrity means acting with an authentic commitment to your values. In practice, this means having the courage to communicate openly, to allow vulnerability, and to be willing to hold difficult conversations when necessary. Once you're acting with kindness and integrity, you need effort to back up your intentions.



Tika refers to the mahi that is not always seen. Embodying tika includes commitment, reliability, and determination.

At Dev Academy Aotearoa, we are kind to ourselves and others, we believe in what we do, and we work hard to do the right things and adapt to the needs of ourselves and our students.