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We’ve created a study programme that fits around your job, while you prepare for the career change you’ve always wanted. It’s the same hands-on coding programme that will transform your career — on your terms.

Have you always wanted to learn to code but don’t know where to start?


Did you know that even with your current work commitments you can become a work-ready programmer this year? 2023 is your year!

We understand that not everyone can commit to a full-time course. We also know how hard it can be to get back into study after time away from the classroom. Easing back into it with more flexibility can be the better option for many people.

We’ve designed a reduced intensity, online course for our busiest students who are happy to take longer to complete the course with fewer hours per week. 

You’ll enjoy the same high quality tutors, but ditch the commute and have more flex around your other commitments. You’ll be job ready in 30 weeks*, kick starting your new career as an entry level web developer, with this online web development course. 

Online doesn’t mean disconnected — our students love the dedicated human support we bring to our learning. Even in the reduced intensity environment, you will get to work with your peers on projects but have flexibility in how you engage with our content. Your class time will be spent reviewing learning, asking questions and conducting your pair and group work.

Our pilot part time programme is the essential web developer course and starts 24 April 2023. School holidays and public holidays are observed, so you can still continue to commit to your part time job - while you get ready for the ultimate career pivot.

Join us in April and learn to be a web developer!



21 hours/week for 10 weeks

Foundations is a well-supported, self directed experience. You will study remotely, taking on weekly challenges, and having fortnightly check-ins with tutors. It is vital you have reliable access to the internet throughout the course.


Main course

30 hours/week for 18 weeks

The 18 week main course will take your learning to the next level. Students will have 5 hours a week of collaborative learning with classmates and teachers, which you can do during school hours. 15 hours a week will go towards pair programming and working on group projects, which you can plan around your life. Another 10 hours a week will go towards solo assignments and portfolio projects, which you can also fit around parenting commitments.

You will be guided by teachers who are passionate about helping students master the principles of software development, and you will learn by solving coding challenges in pairs, solo and in group projects.

Human Skills

Fortnightly deep dives and check-ins

While we train you to be a junior developer, we equally emphasise teaching collaboration and interpersonal skills. Most web development is done in teams and requires effective communication with designers, project managers, and clients.


25 hours/week for 2 weeks

Our careers sessions will help you develop the skills to land your first dev job and grow your career. Topics include effectively job hunting, CV preparation, and skills for interviewing. Careers sessions are recorded so graduates can review them when preparing for a big job interview. Graduates can also work 1-on-1 with an industry recruiter to help with their job seeking efforts.

Keen to finish up early? You can attend this module in September, during the school holiday break — bonus!

Tech Stack

Dev Academy focuses on JavaScript and TypeScript, both essential in the current job market. Our students are also equipped with the skills to pick up other coding languages. Other languages and frameworks we explore include React, Redux, RESTful APIs, HTML and CSS.

We prepare you to be a full stack developer by giving you opportunities to work in teams, use industry tools, facilitate simple agile processes, and deliver technical and non-technical presentations just like you would in the industry.

Tech Stack

Course Fees

Cheaper, faster and more practical than university

Fees cover low student-to-teacher ratios, a high amount of contact time and teaching support, mentoring, and career services.

Students are eligible for a Student Loan, and may be eligible for other help as well. See Studylink for more info, here. If you’re a first-time learner you may also be able to study with us fees free.

We make it our job to get you work ready in just 30* weeks, training you in up to date and in-demand skills, and with you every step of the way to land your first role.

83% of Dev Academy students who graduated from our full time course more than 12 months ago are working in web development or adjacent tech roles. The average starting salary nationwide is around $65,000, and across New Zealand, median salaries tend to increase by 60% in the first 6 years of a tech job (read more).

Course Dates

Pilot - April 2023

Applications close 20 April 2023

Programme start (Foundations) 24 April

Break (School holidays) 1 - 16 July

Main Course starts 17 July

Break (School holidays) 23 Sept - 8 October
or join the Career Skills running 25 Sept - 6 Oct to finish earlier

Main Course ends 1 December

Career Skills 11 - 22 December

* 30 weeks of learning time, with 5 weeks of break. School holidays and public holidays are observed - perfect for working parents.

Keen to become a work ready programmer this year but have other commitments to work around? We have the solution you’ve been waiting for.